Monday, August 10, 2009

3 years!

How could I have forgotten? I forgot to mention that it's been three years since David's transplant.

Also, my friend Sumathi created this website for WAS patients: Thanks Sumathi and Ros.


Paige said...

Wow, 3 years! That's awesome! Congrats!

Sumathi said...

Dear Aimee,

Three years have gone by so fast. It probably seems like eternity to you.
I really hope and pray that the Sirolimus continues to work well and David is med free and GvHD free and can romp in the sun and the pool with his sibs.

Thank you for posting the web site Aimee.

With prayers and good wishes,


Bee said...

Well done David! And how blessed is he to have such a fantastic wonderful Mum as you are Aimee!

Susan said...

Hi Aimee..
3 Years Wow That is so great. I bet it feels longers but you must be so proud to see 3 years. Here is to another long healthy 100 years ahead mate. I hope the Sirolimus works my fingers are crossed and toes..


Brian Koffman said...

Took a very quick tour of the site. What an ordeal and what a strong family.

BTW, I did not receive a platelet transfusion. In fact even when my platelets were single digits, I didn't. What I got was IVIG both for immunity and to stop the fall in platelets.

Congrats on the three years. Let me know how I can help other than cheering from the sidelines. We are all in this together,

Be well. Stay strong



Stem Cell Blog said...


I came across your site and wanted to share with you a book I had the honor of writing and I think you will really enjoy reading with David.

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