Sunday, September 20, 2009

+1146 Skin so-so

Not much to report. His labs looked fine. His skin is doing ok but did not impress the doctors, so Dr. Argawal did not taper the steroids. She wants to see his hands and face look better. His face is definitely looking better as long as I keep applying the Aquaphor and Prograf.

Highlights in David's Life

  • David got such a tickle from Jonathan joining him in the hospital bed!
  • David built that star wars x-wing all by himself!
  • We went to the Santa Cruz County fair. He had an OK time.
  • We went lavender picking at Carol's but he refused to put on sunscreen so he had to stay in the shade.
  • He built a space ship out of cardboard for himself and Jonathan.
  • He made a "leaf man" from pine cones, etc.
  • He enjoyed helping Jonathan play with his colorful blocks.
  • He had a wonderful time swimming at Talitha's heated pool in the evening while there was no sun! This was a first!
  • He enjoyed the Seymour Marine Lab field trip.

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Anonymous said...

Aimee- Just to let you know that we are praying for your concerns for David and Jonathan........and of course for your girls. Thanks for posting the pictures of your family. Your new son is precious! As all of your children are.
Love to you and your family~

Dale and Joan