Sunday, November 08, 2009

+1198 Skin, Stools, Liver

Found an article for helping people with Stage 4 skin GVHD

The traditionally accepted clinical stages for skin findings are as follows:
Stage 1 — maculopapular rash <25%>
Stage 2 — maculopapular rash 25% to 50% of body surface
Stage 3 — rash on >50% of skin (per revised grading system)
Stage 4 — bullous formation
The “rule of nines” for burn patients is used to determine the extent of the rash.

David has Stage 3. His rash covers more than 50% of his body.

His hands are still not looking very good. I guess it's the GVHD. I'm going to get counsel from the GVHD doctor at NIH.

His poops have been a little too soft. He's also had a little rectal bleeding. I've been studying about stools.

His upper, right side occasionally hurts (that's where his liver resides). Does not surprise me. The medications are so toxic to his liver.

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Errica said...

Hang in there, all of you! Are you getting ready for your annual trip to the center in DC?

Thinking about you a lot. I'll send a real email soon!

Hugs to all McNallys!