Monday, January 04, 2010

+1253 - Not feeling well tonight

David threw up tonight about 6pm. He had some front lower right abdominal pain about 5pm. He took a bath and felt better but his stomach cannot hold anything down right now at 9pm. I have to give him his steroids. I'll give him a little rest and see if he can hold it down about 10pm.

His steroids were reduced to 1.4ml/twice/day (was 2ml, then 1.7ml). I don't see any major skin problems. His skin still looks pretty good.

Our whole family was ill with a cough for about 6 weeks. The girls got over it quickly. Jonathan still has phlegm. David had some phlegm this morning. I'm hoping it does not turn into anything more series for his lungs.

Current meds:

Catapress patch (blood pressure)
Hydrocortisone ointment


Peter Olson said...

I'm praying that David's insides get feeling better and that he can continue to taper without any problems.
God Bless you all!

Sumathi said...

Hi Aimee,

Hope this passes quickly and that David will be back to his usual self by morning.

Take care,


Amy Schroeder said...

Hope it passes quickly and that the skin stays good at the lower steroid level.


Anonymous said...

I hope David feels better soon. I still think about you often and wish you the best. We are busy trying to get Shimmy to walk.. so life is busy down here as well..
Wishing you only the best,