Tuesday, February 02, 2010

+1286 - No Skin Biopsy

Much to my surprise, they did not do a biopsy and do not intend to. I have asked them on/off for one year. I'm not going to ask again. The Dr. said, with a strong wink in the eye, the previous biopsy (which was inconclusive) had an addendum saying it looked like GVHD. Nice of them to tell me three years later. However, they will treat it like Eczema. The only problem is that it is not eczema. I was planning to have the biopsy sent to the Hutch in Seattle and to the NIH in Maryland, for second opinions. The Dr. today prescribed stronger topical ointments. I'm so confused. I'll have to pray about it more and see where God leads this.



Peter Olson said...

Are you sure that there isn't something that they aren't telling you? Sounds odd
I got all worked up about waiting a extra day for my bone marrow biopsy results after just one week of waiting. I'm sure I couldn't have waited as long as you have. I'd gone nuts for sure. (of-course I don't have far to go to get there.)Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Dear Aimee,

You have been interacting and dealing with these doctors for years. I really do not think I have the right to tell you what to do, but I do think it might be the time to insist. To me, it seems like a no brainer. Do the biopsy so you can get a second, third or fourth opinion about where to go from here. I hope this suggestion does not add more stress for you and know that you have always made well informed and thoughtful decisions. As always, you are in our thoughts.

Amy Schroeder