Thursday, April 01, 2010

+1344 - Update

David's doctor said he does not have conjunctivitis or GVHD of the eyes. His lower lids are still red and watery but Dr. Amylon thinks it will disappear and is not worried. I was worried he had GVHD of the eyes which is why I posted the previous eye images. GVHD of the eyes produces dry eyes, not watery.

He will be put on an anti-fungal - called voriconazole. This medication is used to prevent things like Candida or invasive aspergillosis in immunosuppressed people. We have a friend at Stanford who spent over 1 yr inpatient due to aspergillosis. Aspergillosis, if left untreated, can kill you. People living in the California coastal region are also at risk. I am unhappy about adding an antifungal to his regimine, however, I think this new medication will be helpful.

His face and hands are still dry and peeling. The new steroid tropicals we've been using do not seem to help, and are making his skin very thin, which causes cuts and scratches. Not good :-( He'll see the dermatologist in a couple weeks.

Thanks for checking on us!


Errica said...

We're always sending our love!

Paige said...


We pray every night for David and for your family. Oh, how I hope for an end to all of this someday, so David can just be a normal little kid without all the problems. We'll keep praying!

Susan said...

Hi Aimee,

I can't believe how much David has changed.
It is so not fair and sad to see david is still going through this,but he is a true blessing and credit to still smile, enjoy his days and live each day to the fullest. I feel lucky and blessed to know about you, David and your family a true frighter David is. You should be proud of yourself you have raised one very special beautiful and smart boy there you are a credit too. I pray that it all stops and he can be free from all this soon so soon and live pain free and away from all the drugs and creams.

Amy Patrick said...

Hi Guys,

Wondering how David's eyes are doing.
How is his skin these days.

We think of you daily and hope things are going well.

Love to you,
Amy Patrick
(Ryan's mom)