Tuesday, August 31, 2010

+1495 Possible Fungal Infection and CT Scan?

David has been getting headaches on/off for about 6 months according to his nurse (I've lost track). He's also been vomiting usually associated with the headache. His Prograf level was 9, so it was normal, not toxic. His nurse said the doctors are concerned about a possible fungal infection in his brain, so most likely he will have a CT scan soon. They will also do blood work. I told David about the scan and how he would have to stay still. He thought that was better than taking medicine to go to sleep.

In August we took a trip to Oregon and Washington. David did great! There were times his tummy did not feel well, but he had a nice time. We threw rocks in the Columbia River and he got three new Lego creations from the Atlantis series.

Many people have told me how good David looks. He's not as puffy. He's eating pretty good esp. after Michael bought us a Vitamix. David keeps requesting orange drinks (fresh orange, ice, yogurt, and I sneak in some protein powder).

No other changes or updates. Thanks for checking on us!


Sumathi said...

Hi Aimee,

Hope that the CT scan comes back negative and it is just the effect of all the adrenal hormonal changes that is causing the headaches and the vomiting. You did not need one more curve ball, just as the road was getting a tad better.....
Will keep David in my prayers. He'll do okay with the CT....it is hard to keep still, but knowing David, he will be just fine.



Errica said...

Please keep us updated about the results of the CT scan. I have never even heard of a fungal infection in the brain! How is it treated? I am SO glad that he's doing better overall.

Lots of love