Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Super Bad Headaches from Lumbar Puncture

I rushed David to emergency on Monday because he obviously was having a lot of head pain.  We were actually going to LCPH to get admitted to the BMT unit.  But 10 minutes from the hospital he started to throw up blood!  I freaked out.  I forgot about all the WAS mom's out there whose son's often get nose bleeds and end up vomiting blood.  We drove to emergency instead.  He perked up, had a CT scan, and got admitted to the BMT unit.

Nothing again on the CT scan.  Just limited CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) and two constricted vessels.  They think his spinal fluid has not equalized yet after the Lumbar Puncture.  OR...which we hope not...he has a spinal fluid leak and needs it patched.

We are supposed to go to Italy.  We are hanging on the edge of our seats and getting on our knees wondering what God has in store.

He is doing better with a small, constant dose of morphine.  He's never had morphine so now I cannot say that anymore :-(

Voriconozole (anti-fungal) lead to....the increased spinal fluid which lead to....the lumbar puncture which lead to....the very painful spinal headache.  Urg!  It's days like this where I dislike medicine, tests, and interventions.

Thanks for checking on us!


Sumathi said...

Dear Aimee,

Many thoughts, prayers and good wishes coming you way. What a scary situation.

Hope David feels better soon and you can get to the bottom of this.

Many hugs,


Anonymous said...

I hope your in Italy and not in the hospital :( Medstudent here following your story.