Tuesday, February 22, 2011

+1669 - Day 5 of Spinal Headache

David had the lumbar puncture on Thurs, February 17 to check the spinal fluid pressure.  The pressure is normal (15) yeah!

Afterward, he was admitted for 8 hours for observation.  He went home on Friday.  Today is Monday, Feb 22 and he has had a spinal headache for 5 days.  All he can do is lay flat.  Sitting up hurts too much.  He was prescribed Tylenol with Codine but that did not help the pain.  He's been taking Hydrocodone (substitute for Lortab), usually 4-8mls every 6 hours and it's helped the pain.  He is playing games on the iPad and my cell phone.  Angry Birds is his favorite game.  He is eating, drinking, and eliminating ok.  They Hydrocodone makes him constipated so I bought an OTC tummy helper.  Still, sitting up to go to the bathroom is pretty painful.  The neurologist recommended caffeine, so I bought him a coffee frappaccino at Starbucks.  I had to add about 2 cups of vanilla ice cream to disguise the coffee flavor.  I'm sure he is not getting much caffeine.  Hopefully, he will be up and about soon!


Paige said...

Blech. No fun. Glad to hear the levels were normal though! That's definitely a plus. I was wondering, is the Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and possible Celiac disease stuff a result of everything he's been through, or would he have had them even without WAS and the BMT?

Errica said...

Hi Aimee,
I haven't looked at my google docs for a couple of weeks so I was out of the loop until today. I sure hope David's headache has let up and he's back to his happy and busy self. As always, I am so sorry that he has to go through all of this. You are such a strong family! Love you all!

BobM said...

It pains me to think of David enduring those headaches! I do hope they resolve sometime soon.

Hang in there, David. You, too, Aimee.

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