Friday, October 28, 2011

More positive changes for David

We returned from a 3 week trip to Germany & Switzerland.  David did fantastic!  No sicknesses, no throwing up, lots of energy, eating well, having lots of fun, and enjoying the chocolate.  Our trip experience was a blessing beyond understanding.

During our trip we were able to stop the Diamox for the swelling around this eyes because the swelling is gone.

He is down to two medications:

Levothyroxine for the hypothyroidism
Septra antibiotic for preventive medicine

Thank you all for checking in on us and for praying for David.



Sumathi said...

Sounds great Aimee! Just what all of you needed. So glad it all went off without a hitch and David had a great time.

Even better to hear that the med list is shortening.

So very happy for all of you.


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