Tuesday, October 16, 2012

+2261 David is doing great!

Time flies by so quickly!  Since my last post, David has been doing fantastic.  Here are some highlights:

1.  Eye pressure is resolved so not more eye doctors.
2.  Thyroid function is still an issue so he's on Levothyroxine daily.
3.  Occasionally his skin will get a dry or flared up spot and we have to use topical steroids.
4.  He's still sun sensitive so we have to keep him fully covered.

Fun and exciting adventures:

1.  In May we went to Hawaii.
2.  June was the start of his first Tai Kwon Do class.
3.  July took us to southern California to visit the cousins and go to Disneyland.
4.  The most exciting milestone was dropping him off at church camp for 3 days!
5.  Between March - July, we went on many hikes.
6.  In September, we went camping with our homeschool group.
7.  Then, in October we went to New Zealand.  The following photos were taken in New Zealand

The Stone House park in Kerikeri

A playground in Paihaia

The Bird Place in Kerikeri

Maori cultural performance in Paihai

The beautiful children's choir

On board a steam boat!

The Agradome in Rotorua

The Weta Caves

Bag End at Hobbiton

There is a rainbow at the airport before departure.


Peter Olson said...

That is wonderful news. I am so glad that David is doing great. Thank you for the update.

Mia M. said...

Great blog, thanks for posting