Sunday, December 14, 2014

+3050 Gut Health and Brain Health

Ah, too bad!  I missed day +3000!  Oh, well!

I wish that we had someone who was more proactive with the over-all long-term health of our WAS boys.  Like, not just their breathing and skin health, but their gut health.  WAS boys take so many medications, their gut has to be compromised to some extent, even when they stop the medications. I've been learning more about leaky gut, behavior, and healthy brains as applied to just normal people like you and I. When I think of the benefits of fermented foods, no sugar, and building up good bacteria, it would help our WAS boys so much more if they had a whole food diet. It could extend their years, and if they are struggling in school, it could help them improve. 

I know it's hard, but it's never too late to try.  If you are a parent, here are some suggestions if you are willing to give them a try. I'm not trying to sell anything. I'm just a concerned mom, trying to do something very hard. It appears my son is doing well, but I have no clue what those thousands of doses of meds and chemo has done to his long-term health. 

Here is an article that helps explain my thoughts and what science is discovering between gut health and brain health. I hope it's helpful.

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