Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day +26 - Jump in WBC

WBC 1,100
Platelets 54k
Hemoglobin 11.9
Temp 102

He got a huge jump in WBC today! Praise God! I added the blood count ranges to the left template, you can see he needs 4000 more WBC to be in the normal range. He had a 102 fever all night and was restless, also not breastfeeding. The Tylenol helps. He perked up this morning after I stimulated his attitude with Sesame Street. He ate one bit of cheerios and 3 oz milk, then felt like breastfeeding. He gets sleepy with the Benyldryl and Tylenol.

The rash has not spread to legs. A little more on his face and arms. A lot more on his torso and head. Still coughing. His eyes are red and puffy. I'm waiting for the doctors to do rounds. I'll post another update later today.


Anonymous said...

wonderful news!!! Glad to see the jump in the WBC!


Anonymous said...

Great news - that is a fantastic rise..