Wednesday, July 20, 2005


David cannot have any live vaccines. His immune system (which is fine now) may be weak and therefore he would succumb to the diseases in the vaccines. The MMR and Chicken Pox vaccines are live. MMR is given at 12 and 18 months old. Chicken Pox is given at around age 4. We did delayed vaccinations with our children. When David was about 6 months old, we came in contact with Whooping Cough, so in a panic I had all the children vaccinated. David, however, did not receive any live vaccines because he was not old enough. I'm so thankful the doctors discovered his health problem before any more vaccines were given. He just turned 12 months on June 7, which was before his diagnoises. I am not one to see the doctor unless there is a problem, so I'm so thankful I delayed his 12 month checkup.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy-

Since the e-mail that David may have the WAS syndrome I have been praying for him and the entire family. We will continue to lift David up to the LORD, the greatest healer of all.

Marilou Arquero

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