Monday, September 05, 2005

Not Looking Well

Happy Labor Day! I am laboring to keep my son healthy, safe and happy.

David is just not feeling very well for the past week. He has diarrhea, blood in the poop, bloody discharge from his nose, painful diaper rash, bruising easily, and intermittent fever of 100 degrees or lower. These are all symptoms of WAS (except the diaper rash) that you would not normally see in a child all at once. On the other hand, he is cutting a large molar. The last time he cut a large molar his symptoms acted up. He was very pale on Saturday but looks better today. He is still active, eating, trying to talk, and overall a happy boy. His color looks a lot better today.

Today, we discontinued the eye ointment for the seborreah. The ointment is absorbed by his skin and if any of the previously mentioned symptoms are from the ointment, I wanted to discontinue it until I follow-up with the dermatologist at NIH who prescribed it. The ointment is sulfur based, so maybe he is having a reaction.

This is so confusing! Is is WAS, is it the new molar, is it the ointment?

I am struggling to meet David's needs and the needs of the rest of my family. Oh, I almost forgot about my needs too. David's problem is not easy to deal with like a cold, flu, or allergy. It's so complex and we are in this for the long haul. My grandma said, "Well, maybe he will just outgrow it. Many children just outgrow things." I hope so too, Grandma.

It was recommended by NIH that we give him a children's multi-vitamin and iron supplement because the breastfeeding is not providing what he needs. His blood work showed deficiencies. I do not have a problem with giving him supplements; I think they are better than drugs. I also want to give him more vitamin K, but I want to try one thing at a time, not all at once. It's been difficult just getting to Whole Foods and reading the labels on children's supplements. It's not easy for the three children to behave while I read labels.

No doctor appointments are scheduled this week! I feel like we see at least one doctor a week.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i also want to offer help with watching the kids. i would be happy to come over and sit with them while you go to the store. Please let me know if this would be of help.

Erin Toombs