Thursday, September 08, 2005

Immune System Good News

David is looking much, much better these days. The immunologist did not think the eye ointment was causing the previous symptoms, so we will continue to use it in the next day or two...when I feel more comfortable. Meanwhile, the seborreah around his eyes is coming back.

We received some good news about his immune system. Although his immune system continues to develop until about age 2, at this point, it is looking really good (compared to some classic WASP children). The immune system after age 2 begins to normalize, well...almost. The immune system is so complex. Only God could of created such a beautiful system!

At this point his B-cells look normal. His T-cells look pretty good too, except for CD8. CD8 has some immune deficiencies. This is typical for all WAS patients. We are expecting to receive even more detailed results from NIH.

I am digging my nose into every book the library has on the immune system. The complexity of the immune system blows my mind away. This new journey helps me to visualize, down to the cellular level, how exactly to pray. At first my prayers were for David's DNA. Now they are more complex.

I praise You because of the wonderful way you created David. Everything you do is marvelous. Of this I have no doubt (Psalm 139:14).

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