Sunday, September 18, 2005

Studying Like Crazy

We are studying the immune system like the good ol' college days. I know there is going to be a test. I learned what the CD8 receptors do with respect to the T-Cells. I learned that T-cells are produced in the thymus - thus "T" cell. I have learned that the thymus shrinks with age and makes older people more vulnerable to illness. I learned that the thymus is very, very, very important in producing the hormones that interact with the T-cells. All of this leads me to nothing right now. There is still much more to learn before our next appointment with the immunologist at Stanford.

Immunoglobulin injections work well for people with deficient immune systems...I hope and pray we can find a natural supplement or remedy to support David's CD8 T-cell deficiency, something that will do the same job as the immunoglobulin injections....That is my prayer right now.

Some good news is that David _does_ produce some Wiskott-Aldrich Protein. Everyone produces the W-A protein. In David's case, he does not produce enough. In classic WASP, patients produce no W-A protein and they are very sick - that is my understanding.

We will have more results from NIH this week and will talk with the Dr. about the results...This is so exciting. Excitement comes in many forms.

Happy birthday to my brother, who is perfectly healthy, strong and happy. You are a blessing from God.

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