Wednesday, November 30, 2005

CMV Negative

David is CMV negative. CMV stands for cytomegalovirus. It's any of a group of herpes viruses that attack and enlarge epithelial cells. Such viruses also cause a disease of infants characterized by circulatory dysfunction and microcephaly. A virus that infects 50-85% of adults in the US by age 40 and is also the virus most frequently transmitted to a child before birth.

I expected he was negative and relieved that it is the case. All of David's bone marrow donors are CMV positive. During bone marrow transplants, the use of anti-CMV drugs has cut the rate of CMV disease to less than 2%. The doctors really seem to have CMV under control. It's good news David does not have CMV. From a bone marrow perspective, it would be better if he were CMV positive so there would be less risk of contracting CMV from the BMT donor.

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