Monday, November 28, 2005

Cord Blood Donation

Cord blood donations are free of charge. This is different from Private Storage. Before the 35th week, the mom needs to contact Cryobank International at 1-800-869-8608. Cryobank provides a collection kit free of charge for public donations. The doctor who delivers the baby volunteers to collects the blood. It takes about 10 minutes of time and must be Fed-exed to Cryobank. Most doctors will do this free of charge, but some may charge $75-$400, so it is best to check with the doctor first. Insurance companies do not cover cord blood collections. There is a form that Cryobank will provide that the doctor needs to sign. This procedure applies to home births too. A midwife can collect the blood with the kit and send it off, just like a doctor. Again, free of charge. has a page that describes cord blood collection:

CryoBanks International - Cord Blood Storage and Donation

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Good point. There are however a few other things many people should be aware of. Most know that cord blood banks collect, process, test and store the donated umbilical cord blood for the public use, taking into account the great number of people who are diagnosed with life-threatening diseases each year. Therefore, cord blood banks look after expectant mothers, informing them about the importance of their umbilical cord blood and the possibility of helping some people who suffer from terrible diseases. Nevertheless, the information and sensitizing of the population is not fully achieved as in the case of simple blood donation. Cord blood stem cell transplants are considered in order to replace blood marrow transplants. The possibility of finding the match for the patients in need increases, as in 2001 the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies stated that roughly 20,000 American lives were saved through transplants of stem cells. I’ve covered some other aspects related to this topic on my website, Cord blood information - please let me know if you find them useful.


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