Monday, November 28, 2005

Update on BMT Donors

Stanford called with more BMT updates:

They found two more HLA matches for David.

19 yr, male, A-
24 yr, male, B+
29 yr, male, O+
29 yr, male, O+

They are all CMV positive. We're still waiting to see if David is CMV +/-

Dr. Weinberg (the BMT Dr. from So. Calif. who is moving up to Stanford) asked the BMT team to do a cord blood search. So, there are 5 potential cord blood matches, and the final results should be back within 2 weeks. Just last night, Michael and I were discussing cord blood BMTs, so it's interesting that Stanford already started the search before we asked.

He has consultation appointments with the Immunologist and Hematologist set for Dec 15. Apparently, they are armed with information from their colleagues. They will share this information with us on the 15th.

Please pray for a better match, according to God's will. Please pray that we will accept that life is uncertain. There are high risks living with WAS and there are risks with a BMT.

Things will work out for the best. We are seeking guidance and praying. I know we could be doing more, but life is not all about "doing." There is a time to let go, stand aside, and let God do His marvelous work.

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