Friday, March 10, 2006

Today's Transfusion

I took the girls with me to Stanford. I took their books and thought we would get at least three subjects done but that was not the case. It was very distracting for me to tutor them while David was jumping on the hospital bed and getting tangled in the IV lines. I finally resorted to Blues Clues and Dora which kept them all quiet and safe.

David was very restless last night, tossing and turning, waking up several times. I was worn out. He was also very moody in the morning. When we got to Stanford, he had some peanuts that did not agree with his tummy. Thankfully the nurse was right there to help, but I began to get worried. 4 weeks ago when he had the brain bleed, he was very restless, similar to last night, and very moody in the morning. The nurse called neruology and they just said to watch him, that they did not want to do another scan. No tummy troubles today or tonight. Thankfully.

He is due for another transfusion next Thursday. Waiting 7 days was too long. The transfusions are lasting about 6 days. Today before the transfusion his platelets were 50K. The doctors want to keep his platelets between 50K-80K. The transfusions give him about a 300K boost, then they loose effectiveness quickly thereafter.

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