Wednesday, March 08, 2006

David is doing great!

David is still doing very well. He is on weekly platelet transfusions. He has an MRI on March 23. We request prayers that his brain bleed be completeley healed and not show up on the MRI. It does take weeks before the body reabsorbs brain bleeds. Also, please pray for his protection between now and the bone marrow transplant, no more accidents because it would set us back.

The BMT is tentatively scheduled for July 2006. He has a perfect donor match, a 19 year old male, but we don't have any other details about the donor. If the donor decides to change his mind, there is another perfect donor but he is 29 years old. Please pray for the donor too, his protection, that he remain in good health, and that he continue to have a serving heart to give his bone marrow for David. Oh, vey! Life can be so complicated at times! We are holding up great though because God is so goooooood!

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