Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Baxtor Pump

David is doing well with his daily Vancomyocin antibiotics. I carefully hook his Hickman line to an intermate pump and he walks around with it for 2-1/2 hours, three/day, every 8 hours. I tried putting the pump into a backpack but it keeps falling off. I tried a Winnie the Pooh fanny pack and he did not like it. I tried putting it into his overall pockets, but it falls out. He just carries it around. He prefers it this way but I wish there was an easier way. He calls his tubes "boobs" and his pump a "bottle." I give him a lot of liquids during the day including breastmilk, SmartWater, and cranberry juice which is good for his kidneys. His kidneys are working hard to filter the antibiotics. They will be taxed during chemo too. Too bad the line infection happened but he is doing fine. Thankfully it's just for another 3 days.

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