Sunday, July 16, 2006

BMT Delay 2-3 Weeks

Chemo hasn't started yet. We plan to be here for another 2-3 weeks. The bacteria is resistant to Vancomyocin. They gave him another antibiotic and will probably add a third once they figure out what will kill it. This sounds bad, but it is fairly standard and common to get line infections and take a lot of antibiotics. They will not let us go home on three antibiotics. I envision we will be in a regular room for 2-3 weeks, then they will start the chemotherapy in isolation.

I went for my first jog around Stanford campus. I got David out too for about 45 minutes. They take him off IV for about 6 hours total during the day. He loves his freedom. We kept the television off almost all day today. There is not much for him to do. I am bored to tears, but I'm enjoying this time with him. He likes to scoop rice onto my bed then insist on helping me clean it up. He loves to hide between the room divider curtain and say "Here he is!"

My friends brought me a vegetable gratin with hummus and pita bread. It was delicious. They gave me a basket of healthy snacks too. David has a wimpy breakfast, a large lunch, and a wimpy dinner. He is drinking a lot. I try to give him the best foods possible and avoid junk food, which I'm sure he would love. Sugar helps bacteria grow, so we are avoiding it like the plague. No juice. Lots of SmartWater.

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