Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Drug Reductions - Yeah!

He is off Vancomyocin, which was the antibiotic he was taking for his line infection. yipee! He was on it for about 20 days, the longest he 's ever been on an antibiotic.

His platelets are at 74K but he has a lot of petechaie on his back and arms, which he did not get before. The doctor will do platelet transfusions when they drop below 50K.

I'm not sure why, but when he gets Fludarabine (chemo that targets and destroys his T-cells), his mood changes from being grumpy (from the Busulfan - another chemo) to being playful. I think it's coincidence ;-)

His Busulfan (chemo that targets and destroys all cells) was reduced to 12mg, down from 19mg.

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