Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Drug Regimen - Beginning

These are the eight drugs he is currently taking:

Fluconazole by mouth once/day - treats fungal infections
Actigall by mouth twice/day - helps prevent VOD (venal occlusive disease of liver)
Acyclovir by IV three/day - speeds the healing of blisters or sores
Fosphenytoin by IV twice/day - to prevent seizures
Busulfan by IV four/day - chemo to destroy all bone marrow cells
Fludarabine once/day - chemo to destroy T-cells
Vancomycin by IV three/day - antibiotic
Zofran by IV twice/day - prevents nausea and vomiting

These drugs may be taken by other WAS BMT patients. The name of the drug depends where you are in the country. Similar drugs on the east coast are called by different names.

I use a special swab with sodium chloride on his mouth four/day.

I have to wear gloves to change his diapers because I could be burned from the chemo.


Purring Piggy said...

I don't know if you are reading comments or not, but just wanted you to know that our family is keeping you and your son in our prayers. May God bless you and give you peace.

Anonymous said...

Most of the drugs Davids doctors are using were the ones the doctors used for Gyasi. We learned that these particular drugs weren't has harmful as other chemo drugs being used. The fludarabine and Bulsulfan combo was fairly new when Gyasi was enduring transplant. My family continues to pray for Davids sucessful transplant and your families endurance and patience to endure the glitches that occur during his very delicate situation.

Mrs. Nettles