Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fever 101.2

David had a fever today so I'm obligated to call the doctor because he could have a blood infection in his line a.k.a sepsis. When we arrived his temp went down to 98.2 - smile! Dr. Jeng and Dr. Wei (not his regular docs) gave him an antibiotic (Ceftriaxone) just in case. Antibiotics are very common for pre-BMT and central line patients. They took a nasal swab and blood samples. They wait to see if the samples grow bacteria. They told us to come back tomorrow for another dose of antibiotics. This is just the beginning of many fevers requiring antibiotics, according to other WAS BMT families. David has never taken antibiotics before. He is fine now and had a playful evening. He ate a huge dinner (grapes, apple/orange tea, cheese, banana baby food, whole wheat macaroni, and avocado). I know some of you from the east coast do not know an avocado. When I was in Maryland at a deli, I asked for avocado and got a strange look and a "what?" We eat at least 3 of them per week.

I'm so thankful God healed whatever was causing the fever.

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