Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm Loosing My Mind Too

Please pray for me. In the period of these last 4 days I have lost my cell phone and my old daytimer calendar. I had to upgrade my daytimer but the old one has all of my info that I need to put in my new daytimer! My daughter was playing with my cell phone during the Celebrate America concert and may have left it under the pew. I called the church..nothing found. While I was at Stanford waiting room, I had to chanage David's diaper. An East Indian man who was sitting on the other side of the room decided to take my seat where I left my daytimers. When I came back he was unzipping my new daytimer!!! He may have stolen my old one. My life feels like it's spinning out of control and I could really use prayers to help me find these items. All of those phone numbers. All of those business cards. Not much else personal, thankfully! I've searched high and low. I'm a fairly organized person but these past few months things are pilling high around here and I cannot seem to find the time and energy to sort and organize. This makes it harder to find things. But I'm not that disorganized to misplace the items I use every day like my cell phone and daytimer. Help!

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Anonymous said...

Never in a million years did I ever think I would need a palm pilot organizer. However when I found out Baden had WAS and we were faced with what felt like zillions of appointments my husband got me one. At first I wasn't sure but after a few weeks I was so grateful to have it. You can carry it in your purse but back the information such as phone numbers, appointments etc. on your computer. It got to the point that I felt lost without it! Maybe you should consider getting one...In the meantime I will pray you find your organizer.