Monday, July 24, 2006

A New Central Line

Day -8

We got back to our room about 10:30pm. They took out the old line and placed a new one on the other side of his chest. He came out of it very well. It's almost midnight and he is up eating pear baby food and watching Jay Jay The Jet Plane, which is his favorite DVD. He looks drugged in the eyes and his line hurts, but he's eating and breastfeeding well. The doctor said he looks great. I expect he will sleep very well tonight. I happened to take many catnaps today. I don't feel tired and have the energy to care for him at midnight. God must have known I was going to be up late and allowed me to take those cat naps throughout the day. It was a difficult day with David only being able to drink a few liquids. He has not had solids since yesterday's dinner. I'm glad the line was replaced tonight so we can proceed safely through the rest of the treatment. He's such a good boy. Happy, smiling, willing to cooperate 90% of the time, and overall a great patient for the staff here.

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