Thursday, July 20, 2006

Quote of the Day

If one more person tells me, "We are waiting for sensitivities," I am going to scream! I hear that quote at least 10 times per day. No new bacteria growth since 7/13. Still on two antibiotics (Vancomyocin and Ceftaxadine), both wide spectrum antibiotics. The nurse watched me flush the line with saline and heparin, so I passed that test. The home medical supply case manager came by too. They are preping me for discharge but are "waiting for sensitivities." One doctor came by to recommend we stay until Sunday and asked if that was ok. My response, "No, please. I want to go home!" We have an important guest arriving on Friday and I want to greet her. I am not prepared for the BMT. All my BMT stuff is at home, ready to load into a dump truck for our lonnnnng stay at Stanford.

When I told the doctors I gave David a couple doses of probiotics last week...oops!....that was a mistake. The bacteria in his line was bascillus. Probiotics can filter through the intestine and get into the blood stream. David's probiotics contain millions of really good bacteria, many of them bascillus. Bascillus is also in yogurt. It's such a catch 22! Good bacteria is what the intestines need. The antibiotics kill all the good bacteria, thus, diarrhea is very common. Sugar is very bad while on antibiotics too. The bad bacteria thrives on sugar. We've avoided fruit juices, sugary snacks, and too many carbos. David craves these items, but I have control of what he eats. In any case, no more probiotics for him until his line is removed....I'm not sure how he is going to healthfully thrive through all this. Pray for the best. Pray for wisdom. Pray he will crave good, healthful foods and drinks.

Maybe going home today...

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