Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Still in Room 3717

11:00AM - We have not heard from the doctors yesterday or today. I'm getting upset because David's been on Vancomyocin for 13 days! He is fine, active, eating, sleeping, napping and eliminating. But I can tell by the color of his face and his eyes that he is tired. They keep saying the bacteria needs to grow so they can determine "sensitivities" which means what antibiotic the bacteria is sensitive to. Well, they've been waiting six days for the bacteria to grow. The doctors should be making their rounds pretty soon with a better plan - like discharging him or going into BMT.

This morning the nurse took a blood sample to check the chemistry and counts. The chemistries were out of wack b/c she did not turn off his IV, but his blood counts looked normal except for hemoglobin. The intern doctor said he needed a transfusion. She explained the counts maybe low b/c of the daily blood draws. She said the hemoglobin had gradually decreased since he's been here, the number was 9.0 when he arrived and now 7.2. Not considered too low, but anything under 8 they transfuse. He did look a bit pale and my iron has been low this week so he's not getting much iron from my breastmilk. I was not happy about the transfusion. I asked that she repeat the blood sample. I got a red wagon and walked to Andronico's to buy some iron caplets for myself. When I came back the nurse said the test came back fine, no transfusion needed! I thanked God.

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