Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Day +1

David is doing great. He had a busy day playing. I spent my day taking care of him, home business, laundry, and running back and forth to the refrigerator grasping for anything he will eat. I have enough food to take up one shelf in the frig and one shelf in the freezer. He has a lot of choices ;-) He is still eating and drinking well. Today he had chicken taquitos with sour cream, cherrios with whole milk, lots of water, a kid-sized cliff bar, a few bites here and there, breastmilk frequently, and Trader Joes Grilled Artichoke and Parmesan Dip with cracker ;-) I'm beginning to wonder if his appetite is coming back. I've worked really hard at it. Making eating as fun and silly as possible, and offering lots and lots of heathful alternatives. I'm getting good exercise doing trips back and forth to the family refrigerator. I read that chemo patients don't particularly like dairy and that is true in David's case. He won't eat ice cream, milk (only one sip), yogurt, pudding, eggs, or cheese, except I found he likes string cheese but not the hospital cheese. Nutritionally, I have not heard any complaints from the nurses or doctors. Lizzie said to keep doing what I'm doing. For the past three days he maintained a weight of 12.1 kilogram (26.6 pounds). The nurses started to weigh him twice/day.

At 9pm he gets Campath (targets T-cells), but 1/2 the dose. I asked for anti-nausea meds since they worked so well last time. He'll sleep through it, especially since they pre-med him with Benadryl b/c of the previous bad reaction (hives and welts).

He is sneezing a lot. He had clear discharge in his nose yesterday, and tonight. He looks a little tired around the eyes. He got a blood transfusion today which perked him up.

Talitha picked up a new bird feeder that is squirrel and blue jay proof. The gray squirrels and Scrub Jays ate all the seed in the old feeder. She hung it up and changed the hummer's sugar water.

Thanks again for all the encouraging emails, letters, cards, and comments on the blog. We won a jackpot with today's mail '-) At this stage, things are working out much better than I thought. Please praise God for His mercies and kindnesses. One of the nurses said our room had good vibes ;-) That was the same day I prayed for God to rebuke any demons in our room and protect us with His angels.


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