Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day +2

He got the Campath last night and woke up at 4am with a huge attitude, which is unlike him. I think the sweet talking nurse was making it worse. Seriously, I think he was coming down from all the drugs they gave him before the Campath.

He ate well today and gained .1 kilo ;-) I made him whole wheat macaroni and cheese. He surprised me by eating two cups. There is nothing compared to Mom's homemade food. He is still drinking about 20 ounces of water/day and breastfeeding. The doctors (we have many doctors here at Stanford) said he looks fabulous!

Today, we played ball, read books, watched Elmo and Tellie Tubbies, watched the birds, watched the squirrel suffer from the new squirrel-proof bird feeder ;-), played with cars, took a nap, and put up a good fight with the oral meds.

He wears himself out, literally, with taking the oral meds. Tonight he went right to sleep after putting up his fight. His face and lips turn blue, and it's not from the nurse holding his nose. It's traumatic and dramatic. I tasted the meds and they taste gross. I don't blame him. However, we have to work something out (maybe a NG tube) before going home. We cannot continue the fight. It wears me out too and breaks my heart.

It's 11:00pm and the nurse started his last dose (10mg) of Campath. Tomorrow he is getting a new drug he has not had before called Methotrexate, which will further suppress the immune system. He will not be premedicated before the Methotrexate.

By the way, the girls are having a super summer. When I told Ariella he had his transplant she asked if he was "all better" now? Every time we talk with Adira the first thing she says is "How is David?" We have a web cam and MSN Messenger to keep us connected. Seeing David smiling and laughing on the web cam relieved a lot of anxiety for my parents, who are 10 hours away.

One more thing, I cannot believe how much dirt the nurses drag in here with their feet. I use the Swiffer twice/day, plus the housecleaner mops the floor too. I wish they would wear shoe covers to keep things cleaner. They do not wear masks, or gowns, and gloves are only used when touching his line. The only rule is that everyone must wash their hands before entering and leaving. We have about 10 different people enter the room every day, most of them medical students.

Thank you for the cards, books, and emails.

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