Friday, August 11, 2006

Day +10 More Protein

The doctor told me to give him more protein since his weight has dropped a few kilos. The OT came to play, so I walked to Andronicos in search of the ultimate protein fooods. He enjoyed the Odwalla Super Protein drink (pasturized) and Cheese Pesto Tortellini, which was high in calories and protein.

He took his medicine better today! He received a platelet transfusion too. I can't wait for the day when his body starts to create platelets. Dr. Weinberg stopped by to say hello and tell me he is going on a month long vacation ;-(

I'm thrilled! During rounds Dr. Link (the first time I met him) said whatever I'm doing to keep it up. David has not had a fever since he's been here. He said by now children usually have fevers. I asked him if I could brush his teeth with a soft tooth brush and the answer was no. He has plaque build up. I have to wait until he is not neutropenic, meaning, I have to wait until his white blood cell count is over 500 because the brush could cause the gums to bleed. I'm required to brush his teeth with a little pink sponge (looks like a sponge lollipop) to prevent mouth sores, but it does not remove plaque.

I ordered cotton beanie hats for him b/c he has no hair to keep his head warm and the air in here constantly blows. No wonder we have red eyes and sore throats ;-) (not any more). I also ordered long sleeve onesies to keep his arms warm but not too warm. Sweat shirts are inconvenient b/c of the blood pressure cuffs.

Please give praise and thanks to God for blessing us with an extremely easy transplant so far. Also, a big thanks to the many people who are praying for David, sending cards, books, and encouraging emails! I know there are a lot of people thinking about him.

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Anonymous said...

for placque removal, will David leave a garlic clove in his mouth stuffed in a cheek? Garlic is anti-bacterial and will absorb 'junk' into the clove tissues until it is a yucky yellow color. Usually this is done at night. But, you'll want to watch him. Then you could rinse, swish and gargle with whatever he'll take.