Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day +11

This morning David was cooperative, a nurses dream BMT patient, a poster boy for the BMT unit ;-) He said "brush teeth" (he likes to do his own mouth care) "wash hands" and demanded "breakfast." Things a nurse loves to hear. The nurse and I got a great laugh!

He weighed in at 11.7 kilos today. I'm not sure why he is not gaining weight. It seems like he is eating good, hearty, high protein foods. The only explaination is that his cells are working extra hard at this point. Or it's just my imagination that he is eating well. For some reason he is rejecting water! Yikes! Water is so good for him and I find it very frustrating that he is not drinking it! I'll work on keeping him more active so he will get thirsty. He gets plenty of IV fluids, but it's not the same as drinking water.

His diet on Friday:
Breastfed 12 times
Ate all his cherrios w/ low fat milk (the whole milk was not avail.)
7 oz of Super Protein Drink (has bananas and almonds)
2 oz of Vanilla Yogurt Drink
Kids Cliff Bar - the whole thing
1/2 cup cherrios w/ low fat milk
3 oz Pesto Cheese Tortellini
1/2 ice creme sandwich
2 oz water
1 oz low fat milk

I know he is lacking in fruit and veggies. He will not touch the veggies that come on his food tray. I tried offering baby jars of fruit and veggies. The only way to get any veggies or fruit is to offer the Superfood Odwalla drink and the Super Protein or other similar Odwalla drinks. This is tricky too. They are expensive and Andronicos only sells the 15oz. B/C of BMT restrictions I can only leave them opened for 3 days. I think this is the only option at this point.

Today is his last day of Methotrexate (chemo). I'm totally thrilled.

I'm looking forward to a peaceful day. I hope everyone has a nice weekend ;-)

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