Monday, August 14, 2006

Day +13 Oral Med Improvements

I've had some success with the oral meds. I have a contoured changing pad from home. This provides a soft cushion for him when he is slashing around ;-). It also has a belt. I've been administering the meds instead of the nurse. The nurse helps to hold his hands and legs down. I squeeze his cheeks, insert my special curved-tip syringe and wait for him to inhale, then down it goes, most of it. The tricky part is waiting for him to inhale. It seems like eternity for me. Afterward, we cheer, clap, jump up and down. Then he puts a sticker on the sticker tree which was made by Child Life. He likes the sticker part and bounces back quickly. I'm sorry I cannot make the administering of meds more peaceful and fun.

His response to meds and the word "medicine" has improved. We've done a lot of "Elmo gets medicine" games where he uses several empty real syringes to give Elmo medicine, meanwhile, I'm cheering and clapping for Elmo. We've used water in the syringe to give to his plastic animals. He will not take the water medicine himself. When it was time to give David the real medicine, I asked him if he wanted to do it and he at least held the medicine syringe. Before, he would not even touch it. Today, he did not put his hands over his mouth when we were about to give it. He's made a lot of improvements! I'm not giving up or letting down. My mission is to avoid the NG Tube!

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