Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day +14 Breaking Records

David is breaking records and raising the bar at the BMT Unit, according to Dr. Link ;-) Still no fever. His eyes look great! The red is almost gone.

He is still eating - loves avocados and Odwalla Superfood. Lizzie said the Odwalla juices are perfect. Active as ever today! He learned to count to 8! Out of the blue he counted the cherries I was eating today. He did very well with his ABC puzzle too. He is learning to say a lot of words, big ones too, like Dump Truck and Fire Truck. He is a sponge and a parrot. He loves to say "mama" (quite loud sometimes) to get my attention and show me all the wonderful things he draws and discovers. Child Life came to play so I went shopping at Adronicos, spent too much money on food for him. The nutritionist said toddler's like bread sticks. I did not believe her until I gave him one. He loves to dip them too.

Dr. Glader (his hematologist) and our favorite nurse Nancy came for a social visit. David and I were in the middle of exercising to Buns of Steel. One of the cutest things in the world is watching a 2-year old do leg lifts (he is awesome at situps). Dr. Glader was happy to see him. They want to make a video of David to show how great bone marrow transplants are at Stanford. David was acting like a dog and kept moving in circles on the floor, tangling his IV lines, and making Dr. Glader nervous. Dr. Glader said he had to go b/c watching David do all those circles was making him dizzy.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't sent a message of encouragement sooner but we have been on our first family holiday since Baden had his transplant. I come to your website now to tell you that when David is better and life gets back to 'normal' you too will have these treasured family holidays. 'Normal' is the greatest word!
I have read your entries for the past few weeks and though there are differences in how the hospital is doing things, alot of what you say it like de ja vu to me. I vividly remember the struggle with the meds. I used to tuck one of Baden's arms under my arm and hold his other arm down with the same hand so that he could get his meds. In time, he came to accept them and it was no struggle at all. I am so happy that things are going well, and I pray that things will continue down this path. David is a very brave boy!

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