Friday, August 04, 2006

Day +3 Pilates and Breastfeeding

We did pilates today. It's not easy doing leg lifts with a 26 pound toddler hanging off my leg. I did not realize how much fun pilates could be. David was laughing so hard. He had a blast.

The nurse said they know he is drinking a lot of breast milk by the amount of diapers he produces. He produces about 12 diapers in 24 hours. He is hooked up to 24 hour IV fluids, but she did the calculations and found he is drinking a lot of breast milk. That made happy.

The nutritionist, Grace, stopped by to chat. His caloric intake has decreased, but they will not put him on TPN b/c he is continuing to eat and breastfeed. He has maintained his weight, actually gained, b/c he was 11.8 kilos and now is 12.2 kilos. She agreed he is receiving good nutrition from the breastmilk. This made my day.

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