Saturday, August 05, 2006

Day +4

No extra drugs today, just his usual. Yesterday he had his first dose of Methotrexate (5mg chemo drug) and did fine with it. Lizzie, the Nurse Practitioner, took him off Zofran (anti-nausea) on Thursday. Zofran is by request only from the parent. When we gave him Actigal (prevents gall stones) last night it did not sit right with his tummy. He slept well all night. In the morning he breastfed and that did not sit well either. I requested the Zofran and he ate a great breakfast: eggs, cherrios, milk. This was the first time he tried eggs in weeks. He took his Actigal this morning with no incident except for the strong fight. He is taking an afternoon nap. He also has a diaper rash so I lathered on A&D Ointment.

I have a special syringe that all the nurses want. It's called the Ezy Dose Orasyringe. It bypasses the taste buds. It has a soft rubber tip which is gentle on the mouth. The hard plastic syringe makes his gums bleed.

How do you moms deal with oral meds?


Anonymous said...

Rand got to a point where he would throw up just looking at the syringe. We all knew they had to be delivered and it took a while. It got to the point that we put the hospital blankets around him like a catcher's mitt just to keep from having to clean the whole room every time. We also found the high chair a good place to give him his meds. It kept him confined and was of course a good catch tray.

On the good side, he's taken so many meds over the course of the past two years he now drinks them down like water. He has a cold right now and is taking Benadryl and Tussin. The first couple doses he tried to turn his nose up but now it's all good.

We're praying for you guys,
Chris, Sharon, Dever and Rand

Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee,

I came across this website, which uses a bottle, with the medication syringe inside it. There are a lot of good testimonies, and it certainly looks like it would be easy to handle. I noted comments from mothers, who mentioned having to give bitter or bad tasting medications with no problems.

The website for the medibottle is:

I thought you could check this out and see if you feel it might meet your needs.

You are always in our prayers, and we are so excited to see David is doing well, and gaining some weight. We prayed that your breast milk would help him detoxify the effects of all the medications. Hooray that the nurses are behind you to continue nursing David. That is good for both of you. I breast fed my youngest son Michael, until he was 2 1/2 yrs old. He weaned himself.

Keep up the awesome job you are doing for your family You are a saint. God is behind you all the way!

Love and Hugs,
Your sister-in-Christ, Ellie Zemlicka