Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day +30

WBC 2100 Same as yesterday
Platelets 57k Wow! They only went down by 6k! I expected a transfusion today but the bone marrow is starting to produce! Very exciting!
Hemoglobin 10.1
Weight 11.9

His rash is almost gone, except for his arms and some other discoloration. Carol, from Home Pharmacy, came by to talk about the meds he will take when we leave. She will come back 2 more times to show me how to operate the IV pump and go over paperwork. She was so excited for us that he is not on TPN.

We are shooting for next Thursday, Sept 7, for discharge! Very exciting! The bad news is that he is getting a NG tube that goes from the nose to the tummy. This is temporary and will be removed when we go home. I'm going to be at Ronald McDonald House all by myself w/out any help. There is no way I can hold David down and properly give him the meds. These are important meds to prevent GVHD.

Heather, our Social Worker, came to talk about what to expect at Ronald McDonald House. They have two units - one for BMT patients and the other for organ transplants. The BMT rooms are double filtered. The rooms are small, without kitchenettes. I get to do our cooking in a shared kitchen. BMT families have their own playground, which my girls can use when they visit. We'll be at RMH until day +100. We'll go back and forth to clinic twice/week and may be readmitted if he gets a fever or infection. It's common for those things to happen during the first year post-transplant. I'll take a tour of RMH tomorrow.

We had a nice walk outside and around the halls. We saw a pomergranate tree on one of the porches. Jake, from Child Life, came to play for 1 hour. I got a chair massage, had some hot tea, and read my book. The girls are coming to visit tomorrow so we're excited about that.

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Anonymous said...

Once his "tubey" was in, Jacob loved it because he did not have to take the oral meds. We keep trying to convince hm to take the oral meds in his mouth and he looks at us like we are crazy and says "why, when we have tubey". It is not fun putting it in, but in a day David will be used to it.