Friday, September 01, 2006

Day +31 100% Engrafted

WBC 2500
Platelets 57 - same as yesterday! They are holding! Very exciting!
Weight 11.7 not good
Hemoglobin 9.8 they will let it go to 9.0 before transfusion

Anyone want to celebrate with us? The chimerism study came back. He is 100% engrafted. The transplant was successful. We were surprised to see 100% at this stage with an unrelated donor. Praise God! He is 100% engrafted in his CD3 (lymphocytes), CD15 (platelets), and CD34 (stem cells or progenitor cells).

This is not the end of the story, however. He still needs prayers. Please pray for the GVHD rash to completely disappear and never to return once he is off steroids. Also, please remember to occasionally pray for his protection from infections, since his immune system is suppressed more so by the steroids. I hope he does well this fall and winter season.

The NG tube will be placed next week once he is on more oral meds. Once his GVHD rash gets under control, then he will switch to the other oral meds.

They were saying next week we might leave, but it might be more like the week after. No hurries...No worries.

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