Friday, September 15, 2006

Day +45 Self

My girls were not as independant as David wants to be. When he wants to do it himself, he says "selp" which means "self." When I let him do it and he does it successfully, he says "Yeah, Selp!" which means "Yeah, Self!" Ut-oh! I hope he is not developing a big ego.

He's doing a great job singing his ABCs. He sings it in 3 different chunks. Not perfectly but very close.

He taught himself how to draw circles. He does a great job and is careful. He calls them "heart" "apple" "boat" and whatever else is on his mind.

He has a little friend here named Gabriel. He is learning to get along with him. Gabe had a BMT for Neuroblastoma. They used his own blood. He will be 2 in October. He looks great for all that he's been through. There are 5 boys here and 1 girl. He provokes the girl by poking her tummy. I'm not sure if he is trying to make friends or be bossy. In any case, I'm trying to teach him about keeping his hands to himself.

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