Monday, October 23, 2006

Day +83 Low WBC

WBC 1900
ANC 1610
Hemoglobin 8.1
Platelets 231

We are set to go back to RMH. The platelets are the highest yet.

The doctors cannot explain the low WBC. He is not neutropenic b/c his ANC count is above 1000 (but not by much). Dr. Dvorak said that it may be viral induced. The cultures are negative, then again, they cannot test for every virus. The idea is that the bone marrow is working hard to fight off a viral infection and his marrow, being brand new, is not able to keep up. I asked about the possibility of drug induced (Vancomycin and Prednisone) low WBC, but they said not likely.

They did a Reticulocyte Count which is a blood test that measures how rapidly immature red blood cells called reticulocytes are made by the bone marrow and then released into the bloodstream. David's Retic % was 4.67, which is high. In this case, it is good because it proved that his bone marrow is making red blood cells, they just haven't matured. The decrease in hemoglobin is most likely due to frequent blood draws, not a bone marrow deficiency. So they are not doing a blood transfusion! Yeah!

He will have a clinic day on Thursday. If his other numbers start to drop they will consider a bone marrow biopsy to check the graft. It would be rare for him to loose the graft when it was 100%.

Thanks again for your prayers. I thought everything was fine, but the WBC threw us for a loop. Please continue to pray that his WBC increase. Please pray that he will start to eat a good amount of food so his marrow will be nourished and flourish.

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