Monday, October 23, 2006

Day +83 Numbers Doing Weird Things

WBC 2400
ANC 1610
Hemoglobin 8.0
Platelets 205

David's labs came back with WBC at 2000, which is very low and alarming. The hemoglobin was low too. They are repeating the test. If no changes, he will get a red blood cell transfusion before we leave today. I won't go into an explanation about why the WBC is so low until we get the repeat test back; it's too complicated to explain. He is feeling fine, no fevers or vomiting. He is active. His poops are loose, but I'm sure due to the antibiotics or if he had a stomach bug it might be due to that. He is not eating any solids, just liquids, which is frustrating for me. Maybe he will eat better when we go back to RMH.

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