Thursday, December 28, 2006

+146 Zenopax Infusion #6

WBC 5700
ANC 4500
Hemoglobin 10.2
Platelets 241
Weight 28 lbs

He received IVIG today (to boost his immune system) and Zenopax (immunosuppressant).

A few changes today:

The Prograf was too high, so the dose was decreased and Karen told us to skip a dose. The Prednisolone was decreased to one/day. As long as no rashes or other GVHD symptoms appear, they will taper the Prednisolone during the month of January and will keep him on a very small dose for 3-4 weeks after that, just as long as no more rashes appear. He will go to Stanford every other week for blood tests, and every other week for Zenopax, IVIG, and Pentamadine. So we will go there every week.

His immune system is so suppressed that an Immune Function test will not give much information. By the end of January he will have his T-cells and B-cells tested just to see how things are going but they do not expect to see much. Dr. Argawal said she is curious about his WAS protein (WASP) so she is going to send a sample to the WAS experts at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Also in January, a chimerism (gives a percentage of engraftment) test will be done.

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