Thursday, December 07, 2006

Day +130 Zenopax Infusion #3

He got his third infusion of Zenopax; three more to go before they start tapering the steroids.

I'm not sure what his blood counts are. The Prograf level was 6.6 which is just below where they like it, but they did not make any medication changes.

He's been challenging b/c of the steroids but he's been feeling great. We enjoy bike rides outside with the wind and leaves. The girls love to play with him. Ariella put a gymnastics leotard on him that was blue with white stars, and called him "Captain American." Ariella made a special hammock in her bunk bed for him to sit so she can swing him. He loves all the attention. Right now they are all dancing around the house doing the hokey-pokey and giggling! Even though things are challenging, we are so thankful to be home!

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