Thursday, February 22, 2007


WBC 6900
Hem 9.3
Plat 258
ANC 5380
Weight 12.7

I have a pounding headache so I'll make this short.

David is not on the growth chart for his age, weight, and height. It is worrisome b/c this means he will most likely be shorter than his maximum height when he reaches it after puberty.

We were at the Day Hospital and had IVIG (immune booster) and Zenopax (immune supp.). He is doing well. There was one medicine change. The MMF (Celcept) was reduced to .40 mls/twice/day (down from .75 ml/twice/day). We were happy to see some medicine reduction. He was seen, yet by another, new doctor named Dr. Cho. I'm not happy about how many doctors David sees (Dr. Argawal, Dr. Dvorak, Dr. Weinberg, now Dr. Cho). We keep praying that things keep moving in the right direction no matter how many doctors he has. There is only one great doctor that we rely on and that is God.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee,

Just a quick note to say when Baden was on all the meds he wasn't on the growth chart either. In the last year we have worked really hard and now he is in the 10th percentile for both height and weight. It has been a struggle but he has started to catch up. This could happen for David too, time will tell. Hang in there.