Wednesday, February 28, 2007


On Sunday night David vomited from 1am to 9:30am. I took him into the clinic for hydration. His counts and electrolytes were normal. Maybe he picked up a tummy bug. We are all feeling well, except for Ariella who has a pretty bad stuffy nose. We are giving her lots of hydration, herb teas, herbal well supplements, and other supplements. It's been raining for three days but it looks like we will have sunshine today. We hope to get the children outside for fresh air and exercise.

Keeping our heads up, except when they are down in prayer.

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Unknown said...

Maddie had a stomach bug last week. When I took her to the doctor, he said that a pretty bad strain of virus is going around. Extremely contagious. It only lasts a day or so though so if David is better by now, maybe he picked that up? I hope it is contained to just him and not making its way through all 5 of you. We prayed and it only affected Maddie in our house. As always, we are praying for each of you.
Big hugs,