Sunday, March 25, 2007

+235 I love you, Mama!

David has been very affectionate. He enjoys hugging us (even the nanny) tightly around the neck and saying, "I love you, Mama (or the name of the person he is hugging)." These are not wimpy hugs. The girls never did this, so this is a big treat for us!

We hold hands during our meal time prayers. Michael sits between David and I. Occasionally Michael will kiss my hand. David made us all burst with laughter when he kissed Michael's hand!

He's been doing fine this past week. A cold cycled through the family (the first cold we've had since November!) and he is the last one with it. His immune system is fighting it beautifully. His mucus is almost completely dried up. His eye lids have looked pinkish and tired, so I assume his hemoglobin is fighting to keep up while the cold is suppressing the bone marrow. I think he will feel 100 percent in 1-2 more days as long as we keep his body pumped with whole foods!

He's been eating fairly well. He eats a varied diet. This past week he enjoyed strawberries (they are starting to look really good here in California - big and juicy) and a yogurt cilantro dip with crackers from Trader Joe's. Of course he is eating other stuff like pasta, peanut butter Panda Puffs, soy milk, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, toast, quesadillas, organic mango juice, and breast milk. When we give him a choice between a couple of foods and/or drinks, he loves to request that we "mix them together." The nanny has not been willing to mix toast and milk together so she tells him it will mix well in his tummy.

He has his own vitamin case with the days on it. Before transplant he took the same amount of vitamins as the girls. After transplant, he only takes one dose of chewable vitamin C per day. He requests vitamin C at least 4 times per day which does not get him any more, then he gets upset. He is testing the waters.

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