Sunday, March 25, 2007

Current Meds

These are the meds he is currently on:

Prograf - 4.8 mls/twice/day
Prednisolone - 1.5mls/once/day
Folic Acid - 1 tab/day
Pentamadine - IV infusion/once/month
IVIG - IV infusion/once/month
Zenapax - IV infusion/twice/month

The next big med change will be reducing the Zenapax to once/month. Dr. Argawal said if they can get David on IV infusions once per month, they will remove the Hickman line. We are shooting for the end of April. This is dependant on how well he does this next month.

Please pray that he will not experience any GVHD in April so the Hickman line will be removed.

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